Monday, 23 June 2014

Gauge it!

If you're like me then you HATE knitting a gauge and despite all the books and patterns telling you, you MUST knit a gauge; you don't and then wonder why your knitting piece doesn't look how it should. 

So I'm actually making a gauge probably for the first time. I'm designing my own Filofax cases and I'm starting off simple. Another habit of mine is to make something complicated that I can't do then get depressed because it hasn't worked out... The Creative Lull. 

So I've read my knitting for dummies book (the gauge section) and it tells me you have to block it like your finished piece!! What? Not only do I have to make the gauge when I could just be making my final product but I have to wait to wash it AND dry it! Creativity takes time!

I've knitted a few swatches

I cast on 31 sts so the swatch is big enough and continue to knit till the swatch is 12 or so cm. The Moss stitch probably took the longest, it's the toughest too. This is the first time I've knitted honeycomb too, it's a little tricky although once you get into the flow it's easy. I darned the ends in and put them all in my washing machine; with a little fabric conditioner (I'm too cheap to use a washing tab). Now it's just  a waiting game...

In meantime I'm making embellishments for the cases, I'm thinking bunting to wrap around or quirky letters? I've made some flowers before too. I always lean towards the colour pink and flowers, I've tried to change but I'm set in my ways. 

Ta Dah! 

Next divide the numbers of rows and stitches by 4, this will give you the number for 1 inch.

19 / 4 = 4.75 stitches per inch
27 / 4 = 6.75 rows per inch

My Filofax measures:
height 8.3 inches
width 11.4 inches

8.3 x 6.75 = 56 rows
11.4 x 4.75 = 54 stitches

I cast on 54 stitches and start knitting!

Ta Dah!  

And it's the right gauge!! Don't forget to block it like your swatch! (The stitches look tidy and neat once washed).

Keep Crafting 

Laura Bee x x x 

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