Sunday, 12 October 2014

Laura Bees Filofax

I've been so lazy over the last few months with my planning but I'm back into it now! I've been so busy but haven't penciled it in :( 

However all the things I set out to do for my etsy store I haven't done- like I said I'm being really lazy! I need a kick up the bum! 

Keep crafting 

Laura Bee x x x 

Monday, 6 October 2014

Laura Bees christmas holly and leaves

So to get into the Christmassy spirit this year (I'm not usually one for Christmas) I've decided to knit and crochet a wreath. 

I'm crocheting holly- I found a great you tube video that was easy to follow and I'm knitting leaves. I still need to do some berries and flowers maybe some show flakes :) and lots more leaves! 

Keep crafting 

Laura Bee xxx

Filofax's cover

This is my lastest project I've been working on :) 

 Keep crafting 

Laura bee xx x